We Consult

Collaborating is more fun—and successful—than a silo approach. We listen. We share. We act. Successful projects are achieved by establishing a framework for stakeholder expectation management, communication and decision making.
Timing matters. Hiring one of our experienced professionals to guide early project planning and programming will yield significant efficiency, performance, and financial gains—and avoid preventable losses and headaches. Hire us early in the project process. If your project is underway and needs experienced leadership, communication, and management to get across the finish line—we are prepared to engage.

  • Owner Representation
    • Programming
    • Preconstruction
    • Construction
    • Warranty Management
  • Site selection
  • Feasibility studies
  • Pro forma creation and analysis
  • Land entitlement
  • Stakeholder negotiation and conciliation

Share your objectives with us so we can help you find a set of solutions to analyze before moving forward.  Our experience and perspective will augment your team’s leadership to make an informed choice for your real estate needs.